CoPress announces hosting plan for college newspaper Web sites


(Full disclosure: I’m the CoPress community manager, as well as a core team member.)

In a major move to help college newspapers thrive online, CoPress has announced a plan to move interested papers to WordPress and host the sites for a low monthly fee, plus a minor initial setup cost.

Or, if you’re just looking for low-cost hosting sans WordPress, that’s also an option. If you go that route, you don’t pay the initial setup cost.

What’s the advantage? Well, when you consider how much money your college news site could generate if you sold all the ads, and therefore took in related revenue, choosing CoPress could pay for itself.

Not to mention the fact that you have complete control over your site. That, in my view, is the most attractive reason. I oversaw The Miami Hurricane‘s move from College Publisher to WordPress last summer and wish CoPress existed at the time.

But, whereas our situation allowed us to make the move on our own, many school papers don’t have a server or the technical know-how to make such a move. Or, if you do, you can avoid a possible headache (particularly in transfering your College Publisher archives) with a little help from your friends.

That’s where CoPress comes in – we can do all that. Check out the post about the hosting plan.

For more information, visit the CoPress hosting page.

Leave a comment on the CoPress post or e-mail with any questions. Also, you can follow us on Twitter.

My first video of the year for The Miami Hurricane

Thursday night I finished a video about the UM student production of Cabaret (see related tweets), which I shot on Monday and Wednesday.

This is my first video of the year for The Miami Hurricane, where I advise online and multimedia production, and I plan to shoot more throughout the school year.

What’s noteworthy about this piece is that it’s the first time I’ve used Soundtrack Pro to fix the audio after editing the footage in Final Cut Pro. I’d previously only used Soundtrack for audio projects.

The video is online with a story by Nick Maslow and is on my Vimeo page. It also appears in a nifty widget on the sidebar of my site.

For more information about the musical, visit the Ring Theatre‘s site. Enjoy!

How we did it: Moving The Miami Hurricane from College Publisher to WordPress

This post also appears on the Innovation in College Media blog.

The question we’ve heard most often since launching the new is, “How did you do it?” Below, Webmaster Brian Schlansky offers a comprehensive explanation of the process, from setting up our own Web server to installing WordPress to importing our College Publisher archives.

For more background, check out these posts:


Greg Linch
Editor at Large for Online and Multimedia
Former Editor in Chief (fall 2007 to spring 2008)
The Miami Hurricane

To contact me, visit or e-mail greglinch[at]

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We have lift-off! The new Miami Hurricane site is live

The redesigned is now live! No big surprises, if saw the beta site. Lots of big surprises if you missed the beta.

For an idea of what was going on right when we launched, check out my Twitter account late Sunday night, beginning a little before midnight:

Webmaster Brian Schlansky (Twitter) has written an in-depth account of the technical side of the entire redesign process, which will be posted on the Innovation in College Media blog and republished here. I plan to introduce the post with an overview from my perspective of leading the project.

Finally, I’ve drafted a long list of people to thank, which I will post here as well. Thanks again to everyone!

Weigh in: What do you think of the new site?

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Recap of Miami Hurricane beta site feedback

It’s been a little more than a week since we launched and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback.

But we want more! Good or bad.

Below are some comments from Twitter after we launched the beta site.

Also, Bryan Murley and Andrew Dunn blogged about the site:

Miami Hurricane’s new beta site launches; feedback sought (Murley)

Big ups to the Hurricane (Dunn)

In addition, we’ve received feedback via e-mail and the form we created. Many thanks to everyone who responded.

Webmaster Brian Schlansky has already made a few changes based on comments, as well as made tweaks our Hurricane online team has discussed.

Here are some noteworthy changes:

  • Switching on-site video player from SlideShowPro to Vimeo, including the video widget. We can now track on-site views and have better looking videos (credit to Brian Schlansky). All videos will also be on YouTube.
  • Switched cover view from SlideShowPro to Issuu (credit for the idea goes to Andrew Dunn, via this post).
  • Created a uniform color for hovering over links (credit to Visuals Editor Shayna Blumenthal).

What else should we add, remove or change? Be brutal.

Please send any suggestions to or use the online form. Also, feel free to comment below.

Read my post about launching the beta site and Editor in Chief Matt Bunch’s welcome letter.