Poynter fellows’ e-mail thread: Response to a “social media” question

One of my fellow former fellows asked our pcf09 Google Group about social media, singling me out near the end of her message. After I wrote this response (sent 6:33 p.m. CT), I thought “sharing is caring,” so here you go!

Whoa, I kinda feel on the spot. Well, um… I’m going to cop out and defer to some smarter people/sites/articles except to say that I think some of the most important things to understand, for this group of already amazing storytellers and journalists, are the fundamentals of what’s changed/how things continue to change in news/media/journalism and everything related to engagement. Challenge your assumptions about how things have been done and should be done and always try to step back and think outside the conventional MSM wisdom.

Sorry, this kinda turned into a brain dump:

1. I’ve been compiling a heapin-o-links. Disregard the guidelines part — it’s basically links for online engagement as it relates or can relate to journalism.


2. Some interesting presentations here:


3. Extremely insightful discussion by two brilliant minds on this podcast with Jay Rosen and Dave Winer (I started from the beginning; almost all caught up. Only 19 episodes so far). [Gah! Forgot to mention “sources go direct” in the e-mail]


4. I’ve been slowly consuming Here Comes Everbody by Clay Shirky, another brilliant guy (see Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable). Not for lack of interest, just the opposite actually. My approach has been to read a section or chapter or two at a time, usually before bed. That let’s the ideas marinate and gives me more time to think on the details and take more away from it, versus speed-reading more for the big concepts.


5. Next up on my list is What Would Google Do by Jeff Jarvis.


6. One specific idea (see all related comments and posts) of “newsroom as a cafe:”


7. I want to start paying a different kind of attention to the tech industry, specifically hows and whys as opposed to “oooh, that’s a cool  shiny new toy.” Journalism is becoming much more like it as the two overlap more and more.

Everyone, please share any of your favorite links, read, listens, etc.!


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Dallas Morning News online internship begins Monday

Photo of the Dallas Morning News building during my Sunday excursion.
I swung by the Dallas Morning News building during my Sunday excursion and snapped this photo at a stop light. I, of course, parked and walked around.

In less than an hour I will begin a new adventure as an online intern at the Dallas Morning News.

That’s right — as of Saturday afternoon, I’m in Texas! After two stopovers at DFW in the past year, I finally have the chance to explore the state.

I left from my parent’s house in Fort Lauderdale and drove the roughly 1,300 miles to Dallas, switching off with my uncle.

Along the way we, stopped in Tallahassee and New Orleans. I’ve posted some photos on TwitPic along the way (the one above is an original for the blog).

As I’ve mentioned before, this will be my fourth internship — the third at a daily. But this will be my first online internship and I’m very excited for the opportunity.

What’s to come in the next 12 weeks? We shall see.

Stay tuned.

Job + Greg Linch = Publish2 this fall

Beginning this fall (after my Poynter fellowship and Dallas Morning News online internship), I will join the Publish2 team:

Joining Publish2: Ryan Sholin, Greg Linch and Howard Weaver

I am extremely excited that I will be part of such an innovative organization, which now also includes Ryan Sholin as director of news innovation and Howard Weaver as a member of the board of directors. Needless to say, that pair is a one-two punch of journalism awesomeness.

And, yes, this was not a traditional job application. I am honored to have been selected from a group of extremely talented journalists as part of the “I am the future of journalism” contest. As you may recall, I posted a link to my entry here in January (actual entry):

My entry for the Publish2 “I am the future of journalism” contest

I plan to post more thoughts soon and would like to end by thanking Scott Karp, Tammi Marcoullier, Josh Korr and the rest of the Publish2 team.

BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami live blog, video and Twitter embeds galore!

BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami is today from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Anokha in Coconut Grove (or the Mayfair Hotel). I just feel like shouting: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

For past coverage of other NewsInnovation events:

Live blog

<a href=”http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php?option=com_mobile&amp;task=viewaltcast&amp;altcast_code=850c1f05ce” mce_href=”http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php?option=com_mobile&amp;task=viewaltcast&amp;altcast_code=850c1f05ce”>BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami</a>

Live video (hopefully)

Embed has since been removed. Check back for archived video to be posted.


BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami announcement: Sunday, Feb. 22 at Anokha

Yes, it’s true! BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami is happening this Sunday at Anokha in the Grove. I’ve been promoting on Twitter, via e-mail, in person, etc. but have yet to post on my blog. D’oh!

Graphic by Alex de Carvalho
Graphic by Alex de Carvalho

I blame being in Idaho for 10 days doing this and then coming back to craziness. But more on that later.

Here are the details from the wiki page I created. Please share this information with any of your news/media/journalism/blogger friends (pros and students):

BarCamp NewsInnnovation Miami is a local version of BarCamp NewsInnovation.

It’s being paired with BarCamp Miami 2009 + WordCamp for extra awesomeness and to allow for a crowd with a more diverse range of perspectives and experiences.

When: Sunday, Feb. 22 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: Anokha Indian restaurant, 3324 Virginia Street, Miami, Fla. (Coconut Grove)

Register (free!)


Live stream (if connectivity allows)


  • greglinch [at] gmail [dot] com

Social media

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