My first video of the year for The Miami Hurricane

Thursday night I finished a video about the UM student production of Cabaret (see related tweets), which I shot on Monday and Wednesday.

This is my first video of the year for The Miami Hurricane, where I advise online and multimedia production, and I plan to shoot more throughout the school year.

What’s noteworthy about this piece is that it’s the first time I’ve used Soundtrack Pro to fix the audio after editing the footage in Final Cut Pro. I’d previously only used Soundtrack for audio projects.

The video is online with a story by Nick Maslow and is on my Vimeo page. It also appears in a nifty widget on the sidebar of my site.

For more information about the musical, visit the Ring Theatre‘s site. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “My first video of the year for The Miami Hurricane”

  1. Nice work. You’re right about the wide shot at the beginning being blown out; manual exposure would help in a situation like that. You did a great job throughout the video with putting B-roll over a bed of sound, but it’s a little jumpy at the beginning because it keeps going back to the main shot (and the static poster thrown in there doesn’t fit very well). As I’m sure you noticed, the audio was clipping when you captured the first two interviews and that can’t be fixed in Soundtrack–something to watch out for while in the field. Otherwise, you did a good job focusing on characters and presenting the subject in a well thought out sequence, particularly with the closing shot.

    On a side note, have you ever checked out Blip.TV? Their player is nice because it can be pretty thoroughly customized and branded. It’s what I’ll be using for displaying videos on my site when I need to do portfolio stuff (i.e. beginning in the next couple weeks).

  2. Thanks, Adam! I really appreciate the feedback. Yeah, I’m going to back and probably take out the poster in the beginning and tweak a few other things.

    Re: the audio, looking back, the shotgun would have been a better option.

    I know of Blip.TV, but I’ve never used it. I’ll take a look.

    Thanks again!

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