VIDEO: Herald site operations director Levinson discusses online journalism

Suzanne Levinson, director of site operations at The Miami Herald, visited my online journalism class Thursday evening.

She discussed the Herald’s Web site, online journalism and what students need to know to get into the field. The webmaster, visuals editor and I took the opportunity to get her thoughts on the The Miami Hurricane‘s redesign plans, showing her two drafts wireframes.

Links to other class blogs

Here is a list of links to the other student blogs from my CNJ 442 Online Journalism class:

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Update, Jan. 31 at 10:08 P.M.: Per a suggestion by Anna Haynes in a comment, here is a Google Reader public page for the class.

How to…use FeedBurner

I have been asked to do a tutorial post for my online journalism classmates on how to use FeedBurner, so here it goes!

Step 1 – Register
Go to and click “Register” in the upper righthand corner to create an account:

Step 2 – Add
Enter your blog address or an existing feed. With Blogger (the platform we’re using for class), find your feed by clicking this link at the bottom your blog posts that says: “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom).”

Step 3 – Burn
Enter a title for your feed and complete the feed address, such as with your name or blog title:

Step 4 – Integrate
Integrate your new feed with your blog. For those in class, look at the Blogger section and select “Redirect your Blogger feed to your FeedBurner feed.”

Step 5 – Publicize
To publish a chicklet, click the “Publicize” tab in your FeedBurner account. Select the one you would like to add. For class, I would recommend including the default RSS feed icon and then adding Google and Yahoo later.

Once you select the chicklet you want, scroll to the bottom where it says “Use as a widget in” and click the drop-down menu to select the type of blog you use. For class, select Blogger and confirm it as a new page element. Another option is to copy the provided code into your blog.

Other information

  • “Analyze” is the most useful tab in your FeedBurner account. Explore the contents to see essentially any bit of information you could possibly imagine regarding your feed, such as how many subscribers you have and how many hits your feed has.
  • FeedBurner Help Center’s explanation. (added Jan. 31, 11:39 a.m.)

Questions: Please feel free to ask questions by commenting.

Weigh in: What did you think of this tutorial? It’s my first, so be brutal.

A trip to the Everglades

I journeyed to Everglades National Park with a photographer, visual journalism student Johnfrank Dieguez, Friday to report a project for my CNJ 595 In-Depth Reporting for Convergent Media, which I took last semester.

Our subject was La’Keisha Harris, a law enforcement park ranger. Johnfrank took the pictures and I captured audio; we make a good team.

The class project will eventually result in audio slideshows and text stories about various National Park Service employees for the agency’s diversity recruitment program Web site, the link to which I’ll post when our piece for the site is posted. The site was designed by another class, CVJ 341, last semester.

Additional student groups will visit other parks during the course of this semester for the site.

Back in action…sorta

The newsroom was abuzz for the first time in more than a month.

Editors abound. Couches pulled out. Ideas overfloweth.

It was great to see everyone again after break for The Miami Hurricane‘s first staff meeting of the semester. Old faces and new faces, all ready to get back into action (please excuse the cliche).

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Copyediting all possible content before layout, which will begin with first issue
  • Outlook for multimedia this semester and what role the multimedia editor and assistant multimedia editor will play
  • Preview of Web site overhaul, which will be a collaborative, semester-long effort; Art Director/Visuals Editor Will Wooten, Webmaster Brian Schlansky and I will take the lead, working with other staffers and Chris Delboni’s CNJ 442 class
  • New Sunday meeting structure
  • Outline of SG spring election coverage timeline
  • What everyone’s favorite color is
  • Adjustments to process for editorials
  • Emphasizing the importance of blogs and being connected
  • Highlighting that we are not just a newspaper, but a news organization

Weigh in: What would you like to see from the paper this semester?