Ideas for working with spring sports reporting class

Incoming sports editor Matthew Bunch and I met today with Miami Herald sportswriter Michelle Kaufman, who teaches a 500-level sports reporting class in the spring. Matt and I took the class last spring and tossed around ideas with Michelle about how we could integrate the coursework with the newspaper.

Michelle was very receptive and had great ideas. Here are some of the plans we discussed:

-UM sports blogs, live blogging during the games

-A multimedia project (video package or audio slideshow)

-Dedicated page on for each sport

Please feel free to discuss these ideas or add any of your own by hitting the comment button below.

Looking ahead…with meetings galore

It’s been quite a busy week, and we only had one issue! Here’s a quick look at what’s been going on and what’s coming up…

Wednesday: Last deadline day of the semester

Thursday: Last issue of the semester comes out; Web meeting with adviser, professors and select staffers

Friday: Staff lunch with the Ibis yearbook; design and content meeting with visual journalism professor and Ibis yearbook adviser Randy Stano

Saturday: Day off? Nope. Karyn, Matt, Will and I will be helping out at a Florida Society of Newspaper Editors event happening at the School of Communication.

Sunday: The staff say farewell to outgoing editors Stacey Arnold and Bari Lieberman, introduction of incoming editors and a discussion of deas for next semester

Tuesday: Incoming Sports Editor Matthew Bunch and I meet with Michelle Kaufman, an adjunct professor and Miami Herald sports writer who teaches CNJ 523 Sports Reporting in the spring.