Internship: First day, first story at The Miami Herald

It was a great first day.

Tuesday marked the beginning of my summer internship at The Miami Herald. I began by driving to the main office in downtown Miami for the usual first-day procedures before heading back to Broward, where I’d be working as a local general assignment reporter based out of the Herald’s Pines office.

It didn’t take long before I had a story on my plate. I first wrote a brief for the Web and, a few hours later, I had the full story online:

Rescuers fend off sharks at sea –

For local residents: Look out for the article in print as well.

UPDATE: The story appeared below the fold on 1B Wednesday morning.

12 thoughts on “Internship: First day, first story at The Miami Herald”

  1. It’s a well-written article. It answers all my questions, and didn’t leave any unanswered. Unusual for the Herald these days, in my experience.
    I read it before Rick linked your blog, and those were my initial impressions. Good work! The Herald needs more of this kind of writing.

  2. I hope you enjoy your stint there – I recently visited Miami and it looked like a good location to work, with a great view on the webcam. I was impressed with the web site as well

  3. Congrats on the new position (internship). You have an awesome blog. I like what I see here and look forward to coming back.

  4. I am an incoming freshman at UM. I’m not majoring in Journalism but I am a writer and I’ve been looking for internship opportunities at the Herald. How did you apply for yours?

  5. @shani The Herald usually requires at least one previous internship experience, in addition to the standard resume, cover letter and clips. I’d recommend contacting Rick Hirsch, managing editor for multimedia and special projects — he does the internship recruiting.

  6. What do you recommend to someone who hasn’t got any experience. I’ve been applying for internships but keep getting rejected and I think it’s because many of the places I apply want to see that experience on my CV. It’s a vicious cycle – how did you get your first work experience/internship?

    P.S. working in Miami? Are you serious? Wow!

  7. @Internships: Campus media is the best place to start. That experience will help you land a professional gig.

    I had my first freelance job with The Miami Herald after I graduated high school because of my experience on the school paper and good networking. I got my first internship (paid by the article, not hour) at a special interest weekly because I had that experience, plus I worked as a news writer and then assistant news editor at The Miami Hurricane during my freshman year.

    And you keep building. After that, I went to the Sun Sentinel for an unpaid, for-credit internship; The Miami Herald for a paid internship and this summer I’ll be at the Dallas Morning News online for a paid internship.

  8. Hey, I’m currently a junior in high school and my dream is to be a journalist! Unfortunately I haven’t had the oppurtunities to put something or anything at all that would look decent on a resume, considering I go to a small school in which they don’t have a paper. I know this page is old but if you see this please reply, and can you give me some advice on what I can do before college to start on my skills as a journalist? Anything at all would be appreciated. Thanks.

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