Job + Greg Linch = Publish2 this fall

Beginning this fall (after my Poynter fellowship and Dallas Morning News online internship), I will join the Publish2 team:

Joining Publish2: Ryan Sholin, Greg Linch and Howard Weaver

I am extremely excited that I will be part of such an innovative organization, which now also includes Ryan Sholin as director of news innovation and Howard Weaver as a member of the board of directors. Needless to say, that pair is a one-two punch of journalism awesomeness.

And, yes, this was not a traditional job application. I am honored to have been selected from a group of extremely talented journalists as part of the “I am the future of journalism” contest. As you may recall, I posted a link to my entry here in January (actual entry):

My entry for the Publish2 “I am the future of journalism” contest

I plan to post more thoughts soon and would like to end by thanking Scott Karp, Tammi Marcoullier, Josh Korr and the rest of the Publish2 team.