Beyond Bootcamp: Livestream of MSNBC interactive projects director Paige West

Tune in Thursday at noon EST to watch Paige West, director of interactive projects at

Why? Because you can’t get enough of multimedia.

To try to satisfy your hunger for awesome information about awesome storytelling, we’ll be livestreaming the new round of lunch speakers at part two of two of Beyond Bootcamp.

(The “we” is Trevor Green operating the three built-in cameras and mics from the control room, me in the room with my laptop managing the livestream/chat/promotion and the UM School of Communication’s equipment and facilities.)

We’ll also be streaming Friday and Saturday’s lunch speeches. Information about speakers will follow, but both will be from noon to 2 p.m. EST.

Watch the Thursday speech by West here (not visable in RSS feed) or at:

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2 thoughts on “Beyond Bootcamp: Livestream of MSNBC interactive projects director Paige West”

  1. Hi Greg! Thanks for posting all of these. Are you recording the keynote speakers for play back afterward in case we missed a few? I’d love to watch the speakers from session one since I was traveling at the time. Thanks again!

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