WATCH LIVE: Matt Waite’s presentation at Poynter College Fellowship 2009

Matt Waite, who recently won a Pulitzer prize for PolitiFact, is speaking at the 2009 Poynter College Fellowship.

UPDATE: The archived audio has been added below.

Revenue Two Point Zero and School of Communication project in DC

I’ll be in Washington, D.C. for the next few days, courtesy the University of Miami School of Communication, so the blog will probably be quiet. I’ll be working on a couple video profiles of National Park Service employees with a fellow student (I did a similar project — but as an audio slideshow — last year at Everglades National Park).

Also, as luck would have it, I’ll be in town for this shindig on Saturday:

Revenue Two Point Zero

I’m not a big fan of the redesigning Craigslist idea, but it should be a great event. As always, I’ll be wearing my CoPress hat and looking out for any takeaways that could be useful for college media. Any thoughts in that realm will appear on the CoPress blog.

I may liveblog and/or livestream parts of the event. If I do, I’ll be sure give as much notice as I can.

PS. Yay for spring break! But it’s about a week too short.

SND New York City meetup livestream, Saturday from 1-5 p.m. EST

I’ll be livestreaming the Society for News Design New York City meetup from 1-5 p.m. today at the New York Times.

Follow the Twitter hashtag #sndnyc. For those reading in RSS, the video and chat embeds are below.

Live TV : Ustream

The schedule:

1:00 — Opening remarks
1:15 — Nigel Holmes on visual communication
2:15 — Joe Hutchinson on being a better art director
3:15 — Sarah Slobin on the shift from print to online
4:15 — Matthew Ericson and Shan Carter on interactive graphics

Updates, plus Beyond Bootcamp ethics panel video clips on Knight Foundation blog

I’ve been going almost non-stop since Beyond Bootcamp ended Saturday night, so I haven’t had much time to reflect completely or summarize my thoughts yet.

Me riding in the back of pick-up while taping the Special Olympics torch run on Jan. 13. We were driving on the McArthur Causeway over Biscayne Bay. Photo by Andrea Ballocchi
Lauren Whiddon, a photographer and me riding in the back of pick-up while shooting video of the Special Olympics torch run on Jan. 13. Here we are driving on the McArthur Causeway over Biscayne Bay. Photo by Andrea Ballocchi.

So, what have I been up to and what’s coming up?

  • Monday: GRE
  • Tuesday: shooting the Special Olympics torch run on Miami Beach and in downtown Miami, cutting footage back at UM
  • Wednesday: conference calls about CoPress (two; one by phone and one by Skype) and ONA (phone), as well as being interviewed on Skype for a non-UM journalism professor/newspaper adviser’s master’s thesis
  • Thursday: working on getting my ideas added to a new undergraduate journalism class starting in the fall; livestreaming a panel discussion after a screening of One Water (the screening and panel are part the University of Miami’s Global Business Forum)
  • Friday: Bryan Murley and I are recording a CoPress podcast with Publish2 co-founder and CEO Scott Karp (@scottkarp)

Also, an update on the videos from my Beyond Bootcamp livestreaming: the School of Communication post them soon and, hopefully, offer them as video podcasts on iTunes. I’ll be sure to blog and tweet the link when they’re online.

In the mean time, check out the videos Kristen Taylor (@kthread), online community manager at the Knight Foundation, posted:

Beyond Bootcamp: Livestream of National Geographic’s Rob Covey

Today is the final day of Beyond Bootcamp and, therefore, we have our last lunch speaker:

  • Rob Covey, senior vice president for content/design at National Geographic digital media

The livestream will run from 12:20-2 p.m. Watch at our new location this time:

Follow all Beyond Bootcamp tweets:

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