I’m gonna mess with Texas: Dallas Morning News online, here I come!

Screen shot of dallasnews.com

Who shot J.R.?

Was there a second shooter on that grassy knoll?

What will George W. Bush do in his retirement?

I intend to answer those questions and more this summer as an intern at The Dallas Morning News!

It’s an online internship, but I’ll primarily be working under metro as a multimedia reporter. Split between breaking news and other projects, my role will include writing stories, shooting video and doing other kinds of mischief.

This will be my fourth news internship – third at a metropolitan daily. I plan start soon after I graduate in May.

I can’t wait!

What should I see and do in Dallas?

Read about my experiences at The Miami Herald last summer:

15 thoughts on “I’m gonna mess with Texas: Dallas Morning News online, here I come!”

  1. Congratulations, Greg! I expect great things out of you until the drug and alcohol abuse spins out of control and you find rock bottom.

    Speaking of rock bottom, I’ve been to Laredo and a strip joint called the Boom Boom Cabaret outside Helotes!

    Or for more family enjoyment, take weekend trips to Austin and San Antone.

  2. Please, just don’t become a Cowboys fan!
    A road trip to Boom Boom Cabaret could be a great features article or video? I am not sure how it could work under “metro” though?

    The best of luck and we look forward to seeing your work.

  3. @Everyone: THANKS!

    @Bryan: Will do for No. 1. Can’t promise No. 2…

    @Chris: Boom boom, indeed.

    @Mallary: Yup, I remember that post :D

    @Allan: Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to pitch it to features.

    @Mallory: That was a contender for my post’s headline, but a “Don’t mess with Texas” reference won.

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