Wasserman: Can journalism live without ads?

Yes, I am few days behind in reading my journalism feeds in Google Reader, but here’s an interesting take from Ed Wasserman on the changing nature of journalism and advertising:

Can journalism live without ads? – Miami Herald

One interesting idea he mentions:

“Maybe the solution isn’t to escape the market, but to empower it. Modern computing offers unparalleled capacities to track and calculate. Imagine a vast menu of news and commentary offered to you ad-free for pennies per item, the charges micro-billed, added up and presented like a utility bill at month’s end. The money that journalism providers got would depend on their audience.”

It’s a reasonable idea and seems more palatable than other such concepts, but the general notion of charging for content online still raises questions in my mind.

Weigh in: What do you think about Wasserman’s ideas and what the future could hold for journalism’s financial support?

3 thoughts on “Wasserman: Can journalism live without ads?”

  1. Sure sounds like it to me. That’s what we all were dreaming about in 1997 … if they pay just a penny an article view, we’ll be rich! (Or at least solvent)

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