VIDEO: Romney and AP reporter butt heads

This blog isn’t about politics, but the video below features a journalist, the AP’s Glen Johnson, with a laptop covering a Mitt Romney event, so I’d say it’s fair game for posting here:

Thanks to Romanesko for the initial post.

UPDATE, Jan. 19 at 8:30 P.M.: A compilation of reactions from Poynter‘s Kelly McBride:

Calling out the Candidate

Weigh in
: What’s your reaction to this video? Who do you side with? Why?

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Romney and AP reporter butt heads”

  1. It’s interesting to look at the comments from readers responding to the article about this topic:

    One reader put it well: “Watchdogs sometimes have to bite.” Journalists should be watchdogs. But knowing when to bite, and how to do it, is tricky.

    Here is an example of a similar encounter between a reporter and a political figure, Bill Clinton:

  2. Agreed, that is well said. I forgot to look at the comments on the article, thanks for pointing it out.

    I’m a fan of the watchdog metaphor and put my own twist on it last semester:

    You can’t be a watchdog if you’re sitting in someone’s lap.

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