Journalism education links, part deux

A brief follow-up to this previous post on journalism education:

Time for the r/evolution of journalism education «

Reviving the J-School :: Inside Higher Ed :: Jobs, News and Views for All of Higher Education

Are journalism schools dying? | The News is

Thanks to Alfred Hermida’s for the post (the first item) and the two links.

: To put journalism education in a more global context, here are some reads on journalism education in China:

For China’s Journalism Students, Censorship Is a Core Concept

The Uncertain Future of Journalism Education in China

Here are some journalism-related articles and a blog post I wrote while in China last summer on a feature writing study abroad trip (Shanghai Journalism Project):

Documenting Shanghai’s documentary TV channel

Communication University not unlike Western schools

Beijing newspaper looks to be more ‘cosmopolitan’

Chinese university students give insight on education

Times correspondent fulfilling career dream in China

Journalism journey continues at university, newspaper

A day of television and acrobatics (blog)

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