ONADC/Hacks & Hackers meetup tonight: NYT’s Derek Willis on journalism + data + coding and walking through Toxic Waters

For this month’s joint ONADC/Hacks & Hackers meetup, Derek Willis of The New York Times interactive news technology team will discuss data + coding + journalism and walk through the award-winning Toxic Waters project.

You can watch live (archived video player embedded below) or follow along the Twitter by searching ONADC. If you’re in town, there are still spaces open to attend in person at American University (RSVP here).

Watch live streaming video from onlinenewsassociation at livestream.com

Also, here’s a CoverItLive blog where I plan to take notes, chat with anyone following along and pull in any choice tweets.

Thanks to David Johnson at AU for co-organizing and hosting the event, as well as the always magnificent ONA DC co-organizers: Laura Cochran, Tiffany Shackleford and Matt Mansfield.

Also, thanks to Burt Herman, Rich Gordon and Aron Pilhofer — who run the larger Hacks & Hackers — and Sherry Skalko of ONA.

Special thanks to Ethan Klapper, who will be running the live video feed.