BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami announcement: Sunday, Feb. 22 at Anokha

Yes, it’s true! BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami is happening this Sunday at Anokha in the Grove. I’ve been promoting on Twitter, via e-mail, in person, etc. but have yet to post on my blog. D’oh!

Graphic by Alex de Carvalho
Graphic by Alex de Carvalho

I blame being in Idaho for 10 days doing this and then coming back to craziness. But more on that later.

Here are the details from the wiki page I created. Please share this information with any of your news/media/journalism/blogger friends (pros and students):

BarCamp NewsInnnovation Miami is a local version of BarCamp NewsInnovation.

It’s being paired with BarCamp Miami 2009 + WordCamp for extra awesomeness and to allow for a crowd with a more diverse range of perspectives and experiences.

When: Sunday, Feb. 22 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: Anokha Indian restaurant, 3324 Virginia Street, Miami, Fla. (Coconut Grove)

Register (free!)


Live stream (if connectivity allows)


  • greglinch [at] gmail [dot] com

Social media

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BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami planning update and dilemma

It’s been awhile since I mentioned my desire to host a local BarCamp NewsInnovation in Miami, but it’s never been far from my mind.

It’s going to happen, for sure, and I’ve considered a number of options for when and where it should take place.

After much thought and discussion with a few people (special thanks to Alex de Carvalho), I see two good possibilities. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, particularly from locals who would like to attend.

Here’s the dilemma: To link with BarCamp Miami 2009 + WordCamp (RSVP) OR to link with Communication Week 2009 at the University of Miami’s School of Communication.

Pros of Feb. 21 (Comm Week)

  • Three built-in cameras for Web streaming
  • Mics in the ceiling so everyone in audience can be heard online
  • Wireless lavs for session leaders
  • Free Wi-Fi and outlets for everyone (~100 seats in the room I’ve tentatively reserved. We could go to a bigger room, but we’d lose outlets)
  • Higher student and professor turnout likely*
  • BCNI Portland will be on Feb. 21 and Daniel Bachhuber has proposed having the two hook up via the interwebs to discuss a topic

Pros of Feb. 22 (BarCamp Miami + WordCamp)

  • People will already be there, including some news folks
  • Non-journos will be there, allowing for different perspectives
  • The Arsht Center is a bigger venue
  • There’s already a ton of South Florida buzz about this, whereas Comm Week buzz is isolated to UM

Even though fewer pros are listed for Feb. 22, it seems to be a better option for BCNIM because of the type of people who already plan to attend and the fact that it’s already a well-known event. All that would be needed now is a push to get more news people to attend.

Also, I figure we could always do a follow-up version at UM if there’s enough interest.

*If it were at UM, there would be efforts to promote it local news organization and other schools.

WEIGH IN: What should we do? BCNI Miami during Comm Week or as part of BarCamp Miami?

For more info on BarCamp NewsInnovation, check out the wiki.

Livestream: CoPress will speak to BarCamp NewsInnovation at University of Missouri

UPDATE: Watch the presentation here

This is cross-posted at CoPress‘ site.

Tune into CoPressMogulus channel, embedded below, on Jan. 24 at 2 p.m. EST (1 p.m. CST) to see Joey Baker, Albert Sun and I speak as part of BarCamp NewsInnovation at the University of Missouri.

Unfortunately, no one from CoPress could travel to Mizzou, but we’ll be there virtually.

[I have removed the embedded Mogulus player to reduce page load time.]

Be sure to participate in the chat and ask questions – we’ll answer as many as possible.

Please share the link via Twitter, Facebook, IM, e-mail, etc. Thanks!

BarCamp NewsInnovation: Let’s bring one to Miami

I should have blogged about BarCamp NewsInnovation last week when I first heard about the idea, but thankfully Ryan Sholin wrote a post that reminded me.

And his post was spurred in part by this: Introducing BarCamp NewsInnovation.

Oh, how I love the interwebs.

The locations being proposed for regional BarCamps include Boston, Chicago, Denver, Reston (Va.), New York City and Silicon Valley.

“Where’s Miami?” you say. I dropped a line in the wiki saying I’d be interested to help organize one here.

I know there’s a lot going on this spring (BarCampMiami , Future of Web Apps and WeMedia), but the topic of News Innovation is just too good to pass up.

Who’s with me?