BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami live blog, video and Twitter embeds galore!

BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami is today from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Anokha in Coconut Grove (or the Mayfair Hotel). I just feel like shouting: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

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Live blog

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Live video (hopefully)

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BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami announcement: Sunday, Feb. 22 at Anokha

Yes, it’s true! BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami is happening this Sunday at Anokha in the Grove. I’ve been promoting on Twitter, via e-mail, in person, etc. but have yet to post on my blog. D’oh!

Graphic by Alex de Carvalho
Graphic by Alex de Carvalho

I blame being in Idaho for 10 days doing this and then coming back to craziness. But more on that later.

Here are the details from the wiki page I created. Please share this information with any of your news/media/journalism/blogger friends (pros and students):

BarCamp NewsInnnovation Miami is a local version of BarCamp NewsInnovation.

It’s being paired with BarCamp Miami 2009 + WordCamp for extra awesomeness and to allow for a crowd with a more diverse range of perspectives and experiences.

When: Sunday, Feb. 22 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: Anokha Indian restaurant, 3324 Virginia Street, Miami, Fla. (Coconut Grove)

Register (free!)


Live stream (if connectivity allows)


  • greglinch [at] gmail [dot] com

Social media

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BarCamp NewsInnovation Miami planning update and dilemma

It’s been awhile since I mentioned my desire to host a local BarCamp NewsInnovation in Miami, but it’s never been far from my mind.

It’s going to happen, for sure, and I’ve considered a number of options for when and where it should take place.

After much thought and discussion with a few people (special thanks to Alex de Carvalho), I see two good possibilities. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, particularly from locals who would like to attend.

Here’s the dilemma: To link with BarCamp Miami 2009 + WordCamp (RSVP) OR to link with Communication Week 2009 at the University of Miami’s School of Communication.

Pros of Feb. 21 (Comm Week)

  • Three built-in cameras for Web streaming
  • Mics in the ceiling so everyone in audience can be heard online
  • Wireless lavs for session leaders
  • Free Wi-Fi and outlets for everyone (~100 seats in the room I’ve tentatively reserved. We could go to a bigger room, but we’d lose outlets)
  • Higher student and professor turnout likely*
  • BCNI Portland will be on Feb. 21 and Daniel Bachhuber has proposed having the two hook up via the interwebs to discuss a topic

Pros of Feb. 22 (BarCamp Miami + WordCamp)

  • People will already be there, including some news folks
  • Non-journos will be there, allowing for different perspectives
  • The Arsht Center is a bigger venue
  • There’s already a ton of South Florida buzz about this, whereas Comm Week buzz is isolated to UM

Even though fewer pros are listed for Feb. 22, it seems to be a better option for BCNIM because of the type of people who already plan to attend and the fact that it’s already a well-known event. All that would be needed now is a push to get more news people to attend.

Also, I figure we could always do a follow-up version at UM if there’s enough interest.

*If it were at UM, there would be efforts to promote it local news organization and other schools.

WEIGH IN: What should we do? BCNI Miami during Comm Week or as part of BarCamp Miami?

For more info on BarCamp NewsInnovation, check out the wiki.

Beyond Bootcamp: Watch NYT multimedia editor Andrew DeVigal live Weds at 7 p.m.

The Beyond Bootcamp livestreaming continues Wednesday night at 7 p.m. with New York Times multimedia editor Andrew DeVigal‘s (@drewvigal) keynote speech, which will begin the second round of workshops.

Watch the keynote here (not visable in RSS feed) or at:

The second set of workshops, which conclude Saturday, includes the following sessions (more about faculty):

  • Creating video narratives by Washington Post video guru Travis Fox and University of Miami visual journalism professor Jim Virga.
  • Creating effective online infographics by University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill visual communication professor Alberto Cairo and New York Times graphics editor Xaquin Gonzalez.
  • Multimedia programming for journalists by NYT senior multimedia producer Tom Jackson and Internet consultant Donny Loflin, who specializes in multimedia and application development.

I am attending the infographics workshops because it’s the area I know the least about, though I wish I could take all three!


Special thanks to Richard Koci Hernandez for embedding the livestream video player at Multimedia Shooter.

Follow all Beyond Bootcamp tweets:

As I mentioned the other day, please share the livestream and other links on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, IM, etc.

Sidenote: I received an NBC xylophone-like chime from MSNBC’s Jim Seida for being an “awesome” audio workshop assistant.

I really enjoyed working with Jim and NYT’s Nancy Donaldson during the past three days. They didn’t treat me merely as an assistant (I only fetched water once), but asked me to help participants work in Soundtrack Pro, create their narratives and act as a “third teacher” (Jim’s words).

But, besides helping, I also learned a number of useful tips and tricks. Thanks, Jim and Nancy — you guys rock!

Beyond Bootcamp: Livestream of Tuesday speaker Keith Jenkins of NPR begins at noon

Did you enjoy Monday afternoon’s livestream of Managing Editor for Multimedia Tom Kennedy? Then be sure to tune in Tuesday from noon to 2 p.m. to watch NPR visual editor Keith Jenkins speak live at:

I will embed the stream here before it begins.

Please share the livestream link on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc.

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