Slides from Link Journalism presentation at New York Press Association 2010

Quick update: I attended the New York Press Association (hashtag #NYPA on Twitter) spring convention this past weekend, where I led a session on link journalism. As I had hoped, the participants asked questions throughout and we had a good discussion.

The slides are embedded below (RSS subscribers will probably have to click through to Slideshare or this post to see it). They are based on a presentation Scott Karp gave at the SPJ national convention in August 2009 and a workshop Josh Korr led at Berkeley last month.

Of course, I added my own examples and personal touch¬†— enjoy!

What’s next? I’ll be returning April 7 to Virginia Commonwealth University, where I visited a graduate journalism class last October. This time I’ll be speaking about new media (can we drop the “new” already?). VCU journalism professor Marcus Messner, who got his doctorate from UM (go Canes!), will be posing some questions before a Q&A with students.

The event, Are We There Yet? A Road Map for Tomorrow’s Journalist, is a day-long conference organized by the student SPJ chapter. Short answer: No, I don’t think we’ll ever be “there.” Things will continue to constantly change, so we need a compass — not a roadmap.

Anyhow, I had a great time during my last VCU visit and look forward to going back. Let me know in the comments if you have any points I should be sure to hit on during the session.

Follow tweets from Personal Democracy Forum 2009

I’m at it again: Aggregating tweets from a conference I’m not attending or able to follow during work hours (this time Personal Democracy Forum 2009).

This one is pulling in all the tweets that include pdf09.


Follow tweets related to Knight News Challenge and Future of News and Civic Media conference 2009

I’m not actually there — I’m at my Web internship at The Dallas Morning News. So, what did I do?

I set up this CoverItLive blog to automatically aggregate all the tweets tagged #knc09 #fncm09 #kncmit (translation: Knight News Challenge, Future of News and Civic Media and Knight News Challenge Massachusetts Institute of Technology) so I (and others who can’t follow all the awesomeness minute-by-minute) can read them later.


BarCamp NewsInnovation Philly: Separating content from production

Looking at what Gazette Communications in Iowa is doing.