ONA12 conference: I’ll be at the board candidate session, impact measurement talk and karaoke!

It’s almost time for the Online News Association 2012 conference, yay!

As I mentioned before, I’m running for the ONA board (read more about all of the candidates). All of the candidates will discuss their visions for the organization and answer questions at Decision 2013: The Lightning Round session. If we’ve never met before, please say hi at the conference. I’d also be glad to answer any questions about my thoughts for ONA — ask away in the comments below!

Also, Wendy Levy (@twendywendy) and I will be discussing how we can better measure the impact of journalism on Friday at 11:30 a.m. Here’s the session description:

Measuring your audience is one thing. Measuring your impact as a journalist is definitely another. Modern technology enables better quantitative and analytical tools, conceivably offering better ways to evaluate the results of journalism. But it’s possible to devise a way to more concretely — albeit still imperfectly — define what impact means. We could borrow from, use, adapt or learn from science, baseball, non-profits, social entrepreneurship, even car manufacturer websites and pharmaceutical drug trials.

I have a few more interesting examples, so be sure to join us for this conversation!

Some background on the discussions so far:

Finally — and perhaps the most important part of all this! — is that karaoke is returning this year! RSVP here.

P.S. What must I do/see in San Francisco after the conference? I’ll be around on Sunday and Monday before going to Seattle for a couple days and then Portland. Recommendations for those cities are also welcome!

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