NextNewsroom – Innovation for college media

Facilitated by Kathleen Sullivan

Notes from the board

What changes need to be made

  • Different deadline reality
  • Different sources for content
  • Story doesn’t end when it goes to print (continue the discussion)

Assets and obstacles to adaptation

  • What can be delegated and what can’t (address workload)
  • Assign a team to a long running story
  • Build an in-house wiki (not starting from scratch each year)
  • Territorial attitudes towards space
  • Interdisciplinary staff, not just “journalism” major or the equivalent
  • Think about the mark they leave, legacy
  • Workload, time management: Go for low-hanging fruit, make things doable
  • Competition (either with other student people or local publications)

UT Arlington: once a week in print, five times a week online

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