NextNewsroom conference

Two journalism conferences in two weeks, how much better can life get? (Especially because I’m getting reimbursed).

The NextNewsroom conferenceat Duke University looks to be one of most interesting journalism gathering I’ve been attended.

Don’t get me wrong, last week’s SPJ region 3 conference was great, and so were the past two and all other conventions I’ve been to, but none have been as focused as this:

“If you could build the ideal newsroom from scratch, what would it look like? We’re trying to help The Chronicle, the Duke University student newspaper, find an answer. Join our conversation.”

The event’s chief organizer, Chris O’Brien of the San Jose Mercury News, is bringing together professionals, professors, students and others to discuss all this.

I have all my usual gear, so look out for liveblogs, tweets and live video feeds (if I can borrow someone’s Mac and there’s an Internet connection).

Find out more about the project:

Weigh in: Describe your ideal “NextNewsroom” (answers may be posted to the Ning group).

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