SPJ region 3 conference update

COLUMBIA, S.C. — It’s day two here at the SPJ region 3 convention at the University of South Carolina.

Yesterday was great. New people, new ideas. I attended the following sessions:

  • New Media Challenges: I learned a lot more about managing online communities.
  • Preparing for Tomorrow’s Newsroom: A very original and insightful presentation by Joe Grimm.
  • Freelancing for the New Media Age: There was basically no mention of new media, but the freelancing tips were good.
  • Reception: Chatted with students and others while eating chicken and brownie and sipping sweet, sweet iced tea.

I was unable to liveblog the events yesterday afternoon because there is no guest access to USC’s wireless network. I took notes and post summaries of the events when time allows.

What’s on deck today:

  • One-man Banding
  • Mark of Excellence luncheon
  • Reporting by the Numbers
  • The Changing Political Landscape

Then we fly back to Miami tonight and it’s deadline tomorrow!

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