First map mashup for

It’s not a technological marvel by any means, but it’s an important first step to having interactive maps on – and later on the future site (expect an update post on that Thursday night, most likely).

As you can see, I used Google Maps.

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Why now to start?
As we were sending the paper to the printer, I was copyediting and came across a story in news about the Red Road Commons. I was disappointed to see there was no map requested (we need to do more print maps as well), so I felt inspired to just make a map for online.

Looking forward
We will definitely include more maps in the future. I also plan to expand this map by adding all of the on-campus dormitories and eventually popular off-campus.

One thing I need to play with and figure out: how to make smaller the windows that appear when you click the placemarkers.

2 thoughts on “First map mashup for”

  1. i think this should work for making the windows smaller, depending on how you made the mashup.

    to shrink the windows, wrap all the html you put into the pop up window in a div with a fixed width and height, set overflow to auto. you should also set the size of the images by hand.

    i followed the tutorials here ( ) when i made mine,

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