Reporting on the "ReportingOn" concept

I’ve been reading Ryan Sholin, who blogs about journalism, for a few weeks now. I always enjoy his posts, but I found one item on a list of New Year’s resolutions particularly interesting.

The third resolution (“Graduate.”) includes creating a proposal for a Web site concept aimed at journalists, specifically beat writers, to discuss what they are reporting on; thus the name “ReportingOn.” To the right is a screenshot of the page, where anyone can submit feedback.

I think this a great concept to help better connect journalists — and readers — to improve the flow of ideas. One concern on the Facebook group wall (which is like a test site of the idea), is being scooped. Ryan replies: “Keep it broad. You might be working on a story about alternative energy, but there’s no need to say which type or which company is building it. Imagine a site where one click shows you a list of everyone ‘reporting on’ alternative energy…”

I’m a competitive being, as most journalists are, but the purpose of our profession is to inform. If you don’t want to be scooped, don’t give away the scoop. We must continue to adapt how we do our job to better inform readers and this site would be a great way to help do so.

I can’t wait to see the final site and join.

“ReportingOn will be a way to improve local news by giving reporters access to people they don’t talk to often enough: each other. This isn’t Facebook for journalists or Twitter for reporters or your own private Digg; this is the place to talk to the expert in the next cubicle, which happens to be three towns over — or across a continent.” –

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Weigh in: Journalists and readers, would you participate? What are some pros and cons?

Update, Feb. 9 at 1:01 a.m.: Ryan posted an update with a mockup.

3 thoughts on “Reporting on the "ReportingOn" concept”

  1. Thanks, Greg!

    One of the keys here is enabling reporters to make connections they would otherwise miss.

    I think the biggest hurdle to get reporters involved is the idea that they’re going to need to make these connections in public.

    I’m still toying with ideas about what the privacy levels should look like in the ‘groups’ for each beat.

    Oh, and fwiw these days, Go ‘Canes!

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