Non-wired journalists and non-wired cameras

Interesting links:

Howard Owens’ media blog – 2008 objectives for today’s non-wired journalist
This is a good list for all journalists. The comment section is an interesting read as well. I’ve been working on a top 10 list of my own that relates to journalism students because too many of them do not understand they need more than a journalism degree and basically reporter skills.

“I suspect there are still too many non-wired journalists in most US newsrooms. Either out of fear, indifference or hubris, too many reporters and editors resist using the Internet for anything beyond the occasional Google search (and heaven forbid they ever click a search result link to Wikipedia) and a daily dose of Romenesko (and heaven forbid if you call him what he is, a blogger).” – from Howard Owens challenge post

The Boston Globe – Newton school newspaper gets the scoop on hidden cameras
A high school paper doing good journalism is always a nice read.

UPDATE, Dec. 31 at 1:04 A.M.: Howard Owens’ challenge has been reverberating across the journo-blogosphere the past few days. At almost every turn, there’s mention of it.

As a general comment, for student journalists wanting an “inside” at the community they hope to soon join, read the blogs written by journalists! I’ve been reading and clicking through to all kinds of knowledge treasure troves on the Web and learning a great deal from the nuggets (and sometimes tomes) that are posted on these sites.

I will continue to add these blogs to my favorite links area, so always be sure to check that area frequently.

Weigh in: How connected are you? Do you read blogs? Blogs about journalism? What are your favorite journalism sites and blogs?

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