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A journey through the murky depths of my electronic correspondences (read that, trying to clean out my Gmail inbox), brought me to the ACP Web site and led me to these very interesting reads:

Are journalism schools ‘getting it’? Jarvis, Greenslade, Woods – Editors Weblog- Analysis

Pajamas Media: What Journalism Schools Should Be Teaching

Is journalism school really unnecessary? – Editors Weblog

I found this less recent article article by ZDnet’s Larry Dignan after a quick Google search of “journalism education.” How journalism education should change | Between the Lines |

“…most schools still segment folks–magazine focus, TV focus, newspapers etc. All of those specialties should be infused with online learning.” – Larry Dignan, executive editor of ZDNet news and blogs

Looking forward to future j-education coverage from the SPJ Classrooms and Newsrooms blog:

“For the August 2008 J-Ed issue might we analyze and evaluate the various ways newsrooms and classrooms intersect ~ be they innovative student internships or practica, unusual professional development programs for instructors, curricula that integrate newsroom practices or products into instruction, or the recruitment and retention of professionals into the academy? This weblog would be a perfect venue to propose or flesh out ideas.”

Click Quill 2008 Journalism Education Issue for the original post.

I’m already pondering some ideas.

Weigh in: To students, what do you want to learn? To editors, what should we learn?

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