Back in action…sorta

The newsroom was abuzz for the first time in more than a month.

Editors abound. Couches pulled out. Ideas overfloweth.

It was great to see everyone again after break for The Miami Hurricane‘s first staff meeting of the semester. Old faces and new faces, all ready to get back into action (please excuse the cliche).

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Copyediting all possible content before layout, which will begin with first issue
  • Outlook for multimedia this semester and what role the multimedia editor and assistant multimedia editor will play
  • Preview of Web site overhaul, which will be a collaborative, semester-long effort; Art Director/Visuals Editor Will Wooten, Webmaster Brian Schlansky and I will take the lead, working with other staffers and Chris Delboni’s CNJ 442 class
  • New Sunday meeting structure
  • Outline of SG spring election coverage timeline
  • What everyone’s favorite color is
  • Adjustments to process for editorials
  • Emphasizing the importance of blogs and being connected
  • Highlighting that we are not just a newspaper, but a news organization

Weigh in: What would you like to see from the paper this semester?

Setting the stage for college newspapers online

An interesting look at the “stages” of community college newspapers online, though the breakdown is also easily translatable to a four-year, private institution like the University of Miami:

How to put the community college press online – Online Journalism Review (May, 1. 2007 by Rich Cameron)

I’d say The Miami Hurricane has reached the tail of the stage three beast. Looking forward to next semester, we’ll continue to work on creating a better sense of community and concurrently plant at least one foot in stage four with even more breaking news, updates, online exclusive content and blogs.

Weigh in: What would you like to see from in the coming semester in terms of features, content, blogs, multimedia, etc.?

Online only: GOP forum coverage

News outlets descended upon the BankUnited Center at the University of Miami Sunday night to cover the Univision GOP forum. The Miami Hurricane was in the thick of it as well, with reporters watching the event from the media room and later roaming around with video cameras.

Read News Editor Karyn Meshbane liveblog the event from the press area.

Read the news story, watch the slideshow and related video here.

A taste of video

Since I’ve been talking about Web site-related topics today, I figured I might as well throw video into the mix.

Here is a video shot primarily by me, with a couple clips from Matt Bunch. Matt also did the editing and voiceover work. The package documents the full-day’s experience for the final Miami Hurricanes home game at the Orange Bowl on Nov. 10. Enjoy!

Check out more videos from The Miami Hurricane on YouTube.