Running for ONA board re-election

[Update: I won a second term, yay! Congrats to everyone who was elected/re-elected!]

It’s almost time for the ONA14 conference (yeah!) and that means another board election approaches.

My first term on the board is almost complete and I’m running for re-election. It’s been an honor to serve on the board with such a wonderful and talented group of journalists. ONA continues to make great progress and I’d love to continue serving the members and the organization. If you’re a member (or not yet a member, you should join) — I’d greatly appreciate your vote.

Here are some highlights from my candidate page. I also want to know what you would like from ONA going forward, so please drop me a line in the comments below, on Twitter or privately here:

Vision for ONA and skills I would bring to the board 

ONA members include every type of journalists in every type of news outlet. As an organization we deal with subjects that affect a wide spectrum of the industry — such as leadership, ethics and diversity — and more specific topics — like how to protect sources, use a new tool or adopt new reporting methods.

In order to best serve our members and take advantage of ONA as platform (see, we need to include more voices.

We need more members and participants who are in business, advertising, sales. They also work in the news business and are a notably absent group in our conversations about the present and future.

We similarly need to expand our community to include others outside of news — professionals and academics whose fields share similar fundamentals, themes and practices or who have methods we could learn from and apply to journalism. We should recruit them as associate members.

Artists and architects. Biologists and book-creators. Filmmakers and forensic accountants. Game animators and geographers. Industrial designers and improv actors. Linguists and librarians. Mathematicians and musicians. Poets and philosophers. Sociologists and screenwriters.

We have so much to learn from our peers and colleagues. But, beyond learning from each other, we have even more to learn from those outside our field — the subject-matter experts and specialists.

What are their processes? How do they solve problems? How have they been disrupted? How have they adjusted their business models? What have they made? How have they spearheaded change?

It’s like you’re writing a story. You have the seed of an idea, so you ask a reporter in the next pod if it sounds worth checking. Then you start contacting sources, asking them for other experts and broadening the scope of what you know.

That’s the same kind of expansion we need.

Invite them to local meetups. Ask them to speak at annual conferences. Include them in dCamps and leaderships breakfasts. Appeal to them for guest posts on

Let’s update our rolodex.


Quick history of ONA involvement:

  • Member/conference attendee since 2008
  • ONA DC participant and volunteer since 2009
  • Conference video stream team leader 2009-2012
  • Conference speaker in 2012 and 2013
  • Board member since 2012
  • Helped plan dCamp in DC in 2013
  • Board’s point person for redesign
  • Conference karaoke instigator since 2011

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