2 thoughts on “Feedback request for video class final project”

  1. Okay, editor hat on:

    • Footage should be color-corrected for a consistent feel.
    • Does the husband has mental issues? It seems that way, would be great to have some quote addressing that.
    • Would like to see where they live, more context, the wide shot.
    • Want to see the homeless shelter where they met. Outside establishing shot, followed by a mid and a close cut-away shot would be a prefect 10 seconds.
    • How long does the wife have to live? How does she manage it?
    • Does the husband have AIDS?

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Joey! Much appreciated.

  3. Several clips have been color-corrected. Trying to correct some doesn’t work — that’s just the lighting situation.
  4. The husband has learning disabilities and his voicebox was injured in a bicycle accident. There’s so many things we could explain, but wanted to keep it focused. The point about explaining his learning disabilities may be important if that’s a big lingering question, but we figure the HIV question is answered by not being answered — it’s never said that he has it because it doesn’t. They use protection.
  5. Can do on the establishing house and shelter shots.
  6. Wife has had HIV for more than 26 years. Like with many patients, she has no idea how long she has to live.

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