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Panelists (L-R):

Rusty Coats, director, Strategic Initiatives, Interactive Media for Media General, Inc.

Sharon Behl Brooks, Associate Professor of Communication Arts and English at Hastings College

Christian Oliver, INNOVATION Media Consulting Group

Robertson Barrett, Senior Vice President, Interactive and General Manager of

Moderator: Keith Hanadel, broadcast design director at HLW, a New York-based architecture and design firm


Hanadel: They’ve been trying to merge print and online for a long time, but now they’re “starting in earnest to merge the staffs.”

Oliver: There’s going to be more fragmentation and news staffs will have a diverse backgrounds like the panel.

Brooks: They’ve brought all their student media together, including the yearbook.

Coats: In the early days of convergence, all the talk was about print and broadcast working together. Since then, they’ve seen online become more important than both.

Fielded data is now huge and they’re realigning journalists around that. He cited when you search “911.”

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