More words of wisdom from journo-bloggers

As I hope is obvious by now, this blog is intended to be a resource for journalism students, in addition to discussing online journalism and The Miami Hurricane. Here are three links that are very insightful:

paulconley: Three job tips for students (Paul Conley)

Teaching Online Journalism » Getting (and keeping) a job in journalism (Mindy McAdams)

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » A diploma and a blog (Jeff Jarvis)

A phrase that I’ve seen on various journalism blogs is “if you’re reading this, you’re already doing something right.” I’ll echo that sentiment and emphasize that students need to go further.

Jeff Jarvis‘ post is a compilation of comments about journalism students and blogs. You obviously read blogs. That’s good. Read more. Keep reading. Different j-bloggers give different time periods to read blogs. I think you need to read enough to get a feel for it. That could mean a couple days or a couple weeks. Whatever you feel comfortable with, as long as you do it.

Weigh in: What are you doing to become a better journalist?

Update: I’m putting the finishing touches on my Top Ten List of Tips for Journalism Students. Yes, it’s so close to completion that I’m now capitalizing and italicizing it.

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