Journalists aren’t just reporters

This is in response to Ducks go quack, quack, cows go moo — SOJo: Student of Online Journalism by Megan Taylor

I agree with Megan, Pat and Chris.

If someone says: “An online journalist or designer (also called a visual journalist) is somehow less of a journalist because…” that is ignorant and demonstrates a lack of understanding about what journalism is. It’s amazing that people–journalists in particular–are still stuck in a very narrow mindset.

Journalism is basically storytelling, and there are many ways to tell a story: in a newspaper, in a magazine, on a Web site, in a book, through video (TV and Web), through audio (radio and Web), etc. and through forms that have not even been invented yet.

It’s difficult to understand a story (written, aural or visual) if it’s not organized well, the same way it’s hard to read a page if it’s not designed well, watch a video if it’s poorly edited or listen to a podcast if the segments aren’t in order.

Different types of journalists tell stories in different kinds of ways. It’s that simple.

Weigh in: What do you think?

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