Setting the stage for college newspapers online

An interesting look at the “stages” of community college newspapers online, though the breakdown is also easily translatable to a four-year, private institution like the University of Miami:

How to put the community college press online – Online Journalism Review (May, 1. 2007 by Rich Cameron)

I’d say The Miami Hurricane has reached the tail of the stage three beast. Looking forward to next semester, we’ll continue to work on creating a better sense of community and concurrently plant at least one foot in stage four with even more breaking news, updates, online exclusive content and blogs.

Weigh in: What would you like to see from in the coming semester in terms of features, content, blogs, multimedia, etc.?

Back to (high) school!

I went back to my high school, Cypress Bay, for the third time in less than a week on Wednesday. I’ll count both of Friday’s trips separately because one was a visit to the newspaper class and the other was a teacher concert, which I attended to see the talented Brian Franklin.

For this most recent visit, I came in conjunction with one of my journalism professors from UM, Sam Terilli, speaking to The Circuit‘s staffers. Be sure to check out their Web site. Props to Dan Suarez for his work on the site.

During Terilli’s discussion with the class, another Circuit alumnus popped in: Andrew Meyer. After class Andrew and I visited other teachers before going out for lunch.

My next planned visit to the Bay will likely be in early January, when I’m planning to bring Chris Delboni, another UM professor, to school to talk about online journalism and new media reporting. Chris has done a great job at the UM School of Communication and she will be a great speaker for The Circuit.